Pyrotastic are a professional fireworks display company with over thirty years experience of delivering stunning fireworks displays for weddings & a range of events. In addition to weddings we support all sizes of events from school proms, Halloween and New Year events, parties of any nature, corporate events, product launches, in fact any time or place you can think of an excuse for fireworks.

With our vast experience of not only fireworks but theatrical work too, we are able to indoors to support events where traditional fireworks may not be appropriate. We can operate in halls, auditoriums, stadiums, & other enclosed spaces.

Pyrotastic have recently begun operations in order to send your loved ones on a final spectacular journey into the sky. Click on the Ashes to Ashes link above for details.

Daylight Displays - although fireworks displays are usually associated with the night, Pyrotastic can produce a spectacular display that can easily be seen anytime during the day. We can also integrate other pyrotechnic and special effects products that are more suited to daylight displays to enhance the effect of the display, such as confetti blowers and streamer cascades.

Pyrotastic are based in north Hampshire & cover the south of England. We carry full public & employee liability insurance & are licensed by Hampshire Trading Standards.

Let Pyrotastic enchant you and your guests with a magical fireworks display on your big day.

Wedding day fireworks are becoming gradually more popular. Pyrotastic are at the forefront of technical and design innovation for wedding displays.

Surprisingly, displays need not cost the earth. Prices from Pyrotastic begin from as little as £500. All prices are fully inclusive and include site visit, safety survey and risk management report.

Working with you we are able to customise your display to give you the perfect visual effect.

Pyrotastic are also specialists in "quiet" fireworks displays - perfect for venues where noise is an issue and displays would not otherwise be permitted.

Corporate displays may be targeted towards either staff or clients - fun day or product launch - indoor or outdoor

Pyrotastic are able to offer support for a wide range of corporate functions.

We are able to "fire-write" corporate logos, provide visual impact at launches or conferences, or simply round off your staff fun day with a really memorable display.

Whatever your requirements, Pyrotastic will work with you to guarantee you a stunning display tailored exactly to your requirements & budget.

Pyrotastic are able to support School Proms in a number of ways. From the supply of larger than average ‘table’ party poppers, to lights, smoke, effects, streamers, confetti, or indoor flashes & pyrotechnics to augment speeches & presentations, right up to the larger traditional outdoor display, Pyrotastic will assist in making your Prom a memorable event for all involved. We can offer set-piece static burn ‘tableau’ type effects (outdoor only) in a range of sizes and colours, which are able to depict names or even your logo. We can theme your display around your colours of choice, and we can offer, at no additional cost, the opportunity for a chosen person or couple to initiate the display with their very own Big Red Button!

Call 07947-174712 now or e-mail to discover how Pyrotastic can work with you for your Prom.

Pyrotastic offer a service we call ‘Launch a Loved One’, to send your dearly departed on one last spectacular journey. This is an opportunity for all fireworks aficionados to take one last chance to bow out with a bang.

For all the jocularity, Pyrotastic treat this service with tact, diplomacy and respect. We will place a small amount (about half a coffee cup) of the deceased’s ashes in a special container, attach this to a large display shell (aerial effect) & send it up to a thousand feet in the air. We usually attach multiple containers to multiple shells, meaning that the quantity of ashes sent skywards is able to be decided by you.

You are able to see the ashes in situ on the shell, see the shell(s) being loaded into the firing equipment, & if you wish you may even launch them yourself. We have a number of launch options, all available at no additional cost. We have a single Big Red Button, which may be used to launch the initial shell, after which we’ll take over. We have a small launch controller with eight buttons so a number of people are able to push a button each, or we have a larger controller with a much higher number of buttons, meaning large groups could be catered for if everyone wished to push a button sequentially.

Pyrotastic will work with you & are able to participate as part of a memorial service or wake, or as the main event itself.

The only stipulation is that the chosen launch site must be safe and you must have permission to use the area for fireworks. We do really also insist that the deceased has been cremated!

Call 07947-174712 now or e-mail to discover how Pyrotastic can work with you to give your dearly departed the send-off they deserve.

To enquire about firework displays for any occasion, contact us or click the button for our enquiry form.

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